• Code and Development


  • Niche Application

Tech Stack

  • Svelte
  • SvelteKit
  • React Native
  • Supabase
  • Vercel

SEO-intensive project


Case Study: MLBBHERO

Service Offered

  • Design
  • Website Development
  • Android Development
  • iOS Development
  • Quality Test
  • Deployment and Maintenance


MLBBHERO aimed to be the ultimate online resource for Mobile Legends players, offering news, guides, tutorials, and strategies. The challenge was to build this complex, multi-faceted platform from scratch, ensuring it was user-friendly, secure, and scalable.


  • Research and Build from Scratch: The project required extensive research to understand the best practices for creating a comprehensive guide and tutorial platform.
  • Tech Stack: Choosing the right technologies that would be scalable and maintainable in the long run.



We employed an Agile development methodology, focusing on user-friendliness and a positive user experience achieved through thorough manual and automated testing.

Technical Details

  • Frontend: Developed using SvelteKit for a responsive and dynamic user interface.
  • Backend: Supabase was used for backend services, providing a scalable and secure solution.
  • Mobile Apps: React Native and Expo were used for Android and iOS development, ensuring a consistent experience across platforms.
  • Version Control and Deployment: GitHub for version control and Vercel for continuous deployment.


The platform has successfully become a go-to resource for Mobile Legends players, offering high-quality, accurate, and up-to-date information. It has fostered a welcoming and inclusive community where players can share tips, strategies, and connect with like-minded gamers.

  • User Engagement: High levels of user engagement and interaction within the community.
  • Content Quality: Consistently updated with quality guides, tutorials, and news.
  • Scalability: The chosen tech stack and architecture have proven to be scalable and maintainable, aligning with the project's long-term vision.
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