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  • E-Commerce

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  • Laravel
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  • DigitalOcean

E-Commerce Payment

Case Study: Bizu ph

Service Offered

  • API Development
  • PayPal Checkout Payment Integration


Bizu ph, a renowned patisserie and cafe, needed to improve its online customer experience by integrating a more seamless and secure payment system. They also required API development to enhance various functionalities of their existing website.


  • Integration into Existing Website: The main challenge was to integrate new features without disrupting the existing architecture and user experience.



We employed an Agile development methodology to allow for iterative development and testing. This approach was particularly useful given the challenge of integrating new features into an existing website.

Technical Details

  • API Development: Developed APIs to enhance various functionalities, such as product listings, cart management, and user accounts.
  • PayPal Checkout Payment Integration: Integrated PayPal as a secure and user-friendly payment option.


Close collaboration with the existing development team was crucial to understand the existing architecture and to ensure seamless integration of the new features.


  • User Experience: The new payment system and enhanced functionalities led to a 25% increase in online sales.
  • Seamless Integration: Successfully integrated the new features without disrupting the existing website architecture.
  • Client Satisfaction: Bizu ph was extremely satisfied with the seamless integration and the added functionalities, leading to an ongoing partnership for future updates and maintenance.

By focusing on seamless integration and enhancing user experience, we were able to deliver a solution that not only met but exceeded Bizu ph's expectations.

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